January 25, 2014

Endless Earrings - Ventura Product Photography

This is going to be two posts in a row about my sister, Tammy! This time it's not to show off her cute family but to show off her amazing talent (one of many)! She created Endless Earrings, an amazing collection of beautiful earrings and an endless supply of possibilities to mix and match for the perfect look. Check out her site www.endlessearrings.com to see how it all works! You can also see my photography work all over that site. I LOVE taking photos of her earrings, collections, and possibilities. I did every photo on the site and I love how she's organized them all and is using them to show off her talents. Click HERE for her site or click HERE to see my favorite possibility, the tear-drop Swarovski Pearl!

I'm currently working on some promo videos for her site, so check it again soon to see more!

January 15, 2014

The Clobes Family - Ventura County Family Photography

My sister, Tammy, and her awesome family. You wouldn't know it by how well behaved they look in these photos but they are a rowdy bunch! We had more "bloopers" from all their making jokes and laughing but it made for a very fun session! 

January 11, 2014

It's great to be 8! - Ventura County Photography

This little girl was so happy and fun. The combination of her personality and a perfect evening at the beach made for one of my favorite shoots from 2013. Happy 8th birthday and baptism! 

January 6, 2014

Baby T - Ventura County Newborn Photography

These are just a few highlights from a recent newborn shoot. All the photos, except the last two, were taken in baby's nursery with natural light from the window. Like all little babies do, this little girl stole my heart. She was as adorable as can be, and her parents were so sweet and loving. Thank you for inviting me into your home to capture these sweet moments!

January 4, 2014

Favorite 10 from 2013 & hopes for 2014

2013 was a fantastic year for my love of photography. I've been pretty horrible at keeping up with this blog and my facebook page facebook.com/egracephoto but I have loved every single session, every client, and every click of my camera. I've spent much of my time last year in sessions, workshops, and honing my eye for editing. Maybe this year I'll be better about sharing more of all that on here and on facebook.

Now for my favorite 10 photos from 2013,  in no particular order 

There's something so special about a mom and her daughter. Their sweet faces, the colors, and the depth of the scene just make me happy.

The light! oh, I love the light wrapping around her! 

Babies just melt my heart! This little guy was so sweet and easy to love.

Sometimes knowing the timing of the sunset, the tide, and exactly where to stand make all the difference between a good picture and stunning photograph.

I may be biased, since this beauty is my niece, but I love how simple a headshot this is but her eyes make it hard to look away. 

Back-lit in the baby's nursery is a perfect setting for a newborn shoot.  

One of the happiest families I've ever photographed. Their smiles are so sincere, I can't help but smile back at them.

I love love! I love sincere, genuine, happy love. I love to see it on a jetty with waves crashing in the background. 

GAH! Beautiful! This style of modern glamour photography was my favorite to study during 2013. I learned so much about about how to light and pose women for a stunning portrait.

Even without seeing their faces, I feel the sweetness here. 

Thank you to ALL my amazing clients from 2013! I'm looking forward to more sessions and more learning and more sharing in 2014.